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Wall Panels

In order to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and speed up the construction process, more builders are turning to custom built building components. Structural has been leading the industry in supplying wall panels to meet those needs.

Utilizing the latest computer technology, Structural develops each wall panel to meet your job specific requirements. Wall panels are then built in a factory with the aid of precision laser technology, to ensure each panel is square, properly sized, and a perfect fit with companion wall panels.

Wall Panels When the wall panels arrive at the site, each wall panel is labeled and accompanied by a detailed description of where each section is placed in the sequence of installation. With the window and door openings already framed in, windows and doors can be set quickly.

Structural wall panels can include headers over windows and doors. Upon request, treated bottom plates and coverings can also be applied to the wall panels.

Structural wall panels are manufactured in a controlled environment reducing the amount of shrinkage, warping and twisting.

Building with wall panels reduces construction and labor costs making the project go faster, easier and more efficiently.

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