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Engineered Wood Products

Structural has a complete line of engineered wood products for every application. I-joists save builders time, and therefore money. I-joists are typically pre-cut in two-foot increments in length and shipped to the job site ready to install. This minimizes job site cutting and material waste. I-joists can be cut and fastened with traditional framing tools and fasteners ­ no special tools are required. In addition, allowable spans for uniformly loaded glued-nailed residential floors for both simple and multiple span applications are clearly stamped on each I-joist, making them easier for builders and remodelers to install properly, and more visible for code officials to inspect. Since I-joists can typically be used at greater joist spacing than conventional lumber joists, fewer pieces must be cut and handled on the job site, making I-joist installation less costly and less wasteful for the builder.

Engineered Wood I JoistThe availability of long lengths allows for multiple span installations thus speeding construction by eliminating the need to lap joists over bearing walls or support beams. This also means fewer pieces to handle, resulting in lower labor costs.

I-joists will not warp, twist, or shrink, and are more uniform and dimensionally stable than conventional lumber joists.

Because I-joists typically weigh less than half as much as comparable conventional lumber joists, they can be installed quickly and efficiently.

The wood structural panel webs in I-joists permit holes to be easily cut on site to permit the passage of electrical wiring, plumbing and ductwork. Roseburg I-joists provide knockout holes along the length of the joists to facilitate the installation of electrical wiring or light plumbing lines. These knockouts can easily be removed with a hammer as needed.

The APA trademark ensures superior I-joist quality and consistent performance. All products are subject to proven quality assurance programs. Structural offer Roseburg and International Beam I-joists using up to 50% less wood fiber in the production process than conventional lumber joists, allowing more efficient use of natural resources.

  • 100% Tension Tested
  • Simple to Install
  • Design Flexibility
  • Dimensionally Stable
  • Light Weight
  • Precut Knockout Holes
  • Dressed / Eased-edge Flanges
  • APA Quality Assured

Structural offers a full range of beams and headers. Roseburg LVL and Anthony Lam Beams and Headers are economical and highly versatile in residential and light commercial framing applications.

Laminated veneer lumber used for headers,beams, studs and columns.

Now through advances in technology and design, there is a better choice – RigidLam LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) headers and beams. They are simply a better alternative than traditional solid sawn lumber pieces.

Work with a stronger, stiffer, more consistent and more predictable building material. Compared with similar sized sections, our RigidLam LVL headers and beams can support heavier loads and allows greater spans than conventional lumber.

Gluelam BeamsThe Anthony Power Beam® is a superior glued laminated beam and header for use where reliable engineered wood applications are required. The 3-1/2″ and 5-1/2″ widths readily match 2×4 and 2×6 wall framing.

The Anthony Power Beam® depths also match all joist, truss, LVL, PSL, and I-joist floor or roof framing. The 7″ Power Beam® (2800F) is for longer spans and heavier loading. Depths go up to 28 7/8″. The Anthony Power Beam® uses only readily-available Southern Pine lumber, recognized through extensive testing as the strongest lumber resource available.

To enhance Anthony Power Beam® quality further, all outer laminations have strict quality control procedures. Each beam has a specific lumber lay-up combination which optimizes Anthony Power Beam® performance. The highest strength lumber is placed in the tension and compression zones, efficiently and optimally using lumber resources. All lumber is machine evaluated at the grading line by a Stress-O-Matic or Metriguard CLT for MOE to average 2.3 x 106 psi in the outer laminations.

The Anthony Power Beam® can be used for window, door and garage door headers, floor edge and center girder beams, roof ridge beams and commercial beams and purlins. The Anthony Power Beam® only uses small diameter fast-growth timber, therefore reducing pressure on our forest resources.

  • Industrial / Architectural Applications
  • Balanced Layup
  • Time Saving Installation
  • No Shrinkage
  • Consistent Moisture Content
  • Excellent Fire Rating
  • Light Weight
  • Optimized Fiber Usage
  • Meets All Major Building Codes

In addition to Roseburg, International Beam, and Anthony products, Structural can also supply other brands of engineered wood products such as Louisiana Pacific, Georgia Pacific and  Weyerhauser.

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